Talkative Fungi

Chatty Fungi is a podcast in which the presenter's fascination with mushrooms is used to see whether they can contribute to a better world. From fungi that convert dead material into building materials for new life, edible mushrooms and nutritional value to psychedelic mushrooms with therapeutic value. The kingdom of the Fungi is more versatile and indispensable to the life it envisions. This Podcast can be listened to via Spotify and Podcast

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Trip therapy for Talkative Fungi

Episode 5 of the Talkative Fungi is a great episode as trip therapy receives attention and the importance of lifestyle and preparation for a psychedelic session is highlighted. Perhaps other researchers and providers of psychedelic therapy will do more than just offer psychedelic sessions? What makes the episode beautiful is the presenter's own story, who comes out of the 'psychedelic closet' online. In short, you must listen to this episode to get an idea of the vision of trip therapy and the beautifully told story of the presenter's psychedelic experiences.

Episode 5 Podcast Talkative Fungi with trip therapy