Truffle ceremony and burnout

A truffle ceremony or truffle session is increasingly used to help resolve complaints such as depression and anxiety-related complaints. Sun truffle session is therefore better with the right preparation that responds to the theme of the complaints. After the recent bore-out, burn-out is now lurking again. In trip therapy we also organize truffle ceremonies/sessions with an eye for burn-out.

Burnout in short

Prolonged stress/anxiety activates the adrenal glands for too long. Adrenal fatigue occurs because too much cortisol has to be released for a long time as a result of: stress, anger, fear, etc. Adrenal fatigue occurs because stress is continuously present. Stress is intended to allow you to react quickly in intense situations. The demand is greater than the adrenal glands can produce. Some people have so much tension in their lives for a long time that they develop health problems. Tensions can be caused by many different factors. A characteristic may be that you are faced with an impossible task for which you see no solution or that there is a fear hidden in the subconscious. This causes tension and if it lasts too long, your body reacts to it. Prolonged tension and thus the production of cortisol is the culprit when it comes to exhaustion of the adrenal glands.

burn out truffles -Truffle ceremony against burn out

Prevent or remedy burnout

The key to the solution is to work on a solution on four points. Firstly, we should spare the adrenal glands by reducing stress. Secondly, we need to replenish the stocks of used building materials. Replenishing these substances can be done through nutrition and supplementation. Furthermore, other neurotransmitters may also be out of balance, causing anxiety to play a greater role. That is why we also check whether dopamine, serotonin, GABA and acetylcholine are out of balance. Finally, sex hormones may play a role in a higher susceptibility to burnout.

The fears in the subconscious mind

The fears and negative patterns in the subconscious that cause you to burn out more quickly can be made transparent with psychedelics, so that we can also do something with them. You may have already heard good things about it ayahuasca or LSD therapy in case of burnout? We mainly use truffles with psilocybin and psilocin (also found in magic mushrooms). Psilocybin and psilocin are also the least harmful drugs/medicine of all time. With the exception of combination with certain medications, there is most likely no risk of physical damage from the active substances.

damage drugs -Truffle ceremony against burnout
The (un)safety of drugs including Mushrooms (magic mushrooms/truffles/psilocybin)

Overview of trip therapy procedure

Typically, with most clients we use a schedule that looks like this:

  1. Registration including intake and neurotransmitter test (questionnaire)
  2. Advice about nutrition, exercise and supplements based on point 1
  3. Review a period of 1-2 weeks of progress from point 2
  4. An individual psychedelic session* (Unless a group is additionally useful or preferred)
  5. Debriefing of the psychedelic therapy on the same day
  6. After about 1-2 weeks there will be another discussion

Optional for burn-out treatments: Relaxed forest walk with tips and tricks to avoid stress through movement and posture.

*During the psychedelic session, in addition to using psilocybin, we also use aromatherapy, color therapy, carefully selected music, herbs and stimulating supplements. All this tailored to the customer and the goal.

You will find here our prices for psychedelic trip therapy

Would you like to do something against burnout yourself?

Don't want a psychedelic session yet but want to do something about burnout complaints? Here we give you some reading tips about how nutrition, herbs and exercise can help you. It is also good to consider which things are triggers for stress and how you can eliminate this. Sometimes things go better if you learn what your own boundaries are and how you can respect them.

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