Psychedelic session for Germans

There are several reasons why customers from Germany choose to come to us in the Netherlands for psychedelic therapy. An important difference between the legislation in the Netherlands and Germany is that the Netherlands offers more room for the use of certain psychedelic substances such as psilocybin, LSD and MDMA in a therapeutic context. This has ensured that there is growing expertise in the Netherlands in the field of psychedelic therapy, which is (even) less developed in Germany. Furthermore, German customers sometimes also struggle to access these treatments in their own country, due to stricter legislation and social taboos surrounding psychedelics. We have currently helped many customers from abroad with psychedelic sessions.

Now also a German-speaking trisitter/psychologist

Speaking the native language is a great advantage in therapy. By being able to communicate in your own language, subtle nuances in feelings and emotions can be better conveyed. After all, sharing emotions and thoughts can be quite difficult when someone does not feel completely at home in the language in which they are spoken.

When someone speaks in a language other than the one in which he or she feels most comfortable, it can lead to miscommunication, making effective therapy difficult and possibly leaving certain emotions undiscussed.

By using the native language, the therapist can better understand what the patient wants to say and better respond to his or her needs. This can lead to better and faster progress in therapy. To make it easier and more efficient for German speakers, we now have a psychologist available whose native language is German.

German-speaking Tripsitter

Nathalie as a psychedelic therapist

Nathalie has a passion for helping patients through psychedelic therapy and has a very empathetic, positive and open personality. She has hair Completed a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and obtained a Master's degree in Positive Psychology and continuously invests in its own professional development to provide its clients with the best possible care. Nathalie is dedicated to her work and is known for her professionalism, understanding and supportive attitude. View Nathalie's profile page for more information.

The location for psychedelic therapy with Nathalie

Due to differences in legislation, it is currently only possible for Germans to use our services on Dutch territory. Nathalie lives just across the border and that offers the opportunity to come from Germany to the Netherlands for a psychedelic session. We recommend booking a private Airbnb, holiday home or hotel near Nathalie for a session with Nathalie.

Nathalie works in the entire province of Dutch Limburg and a part of North Brabant. From the place of residence Roermond, the maximum travel time for a single journey is 45 minutes. For on-site sessions, travel costs of 50 cents per kilometer driven are charged to and from the zip code 6041 Roermond.

Possible places where work is done on location such as a hotel or AirBNB include:

Asten, Brunssum, Geleen, Heerlen, Horst, Landgraaf, Maastricht, Roermond, Sittard, Valkenburg, Venlo, Venray and Weert.

* According to current legislation, we can only offer psychedelic sessions within Dutch borders. It is legal for people from abroad, such as Belgium and Germany, to undergo psychedelic therapy in the Netherlands.


Languages other than German

Nathalie can also conduct the sessions in Dutch or English. We also have several trip sitters and therapists who can speak Dutch and English. Every tripsitter or therapist has his/her own expertise and area of expertise. Our range of supervisors is as follows.


  • Vlaardingen
  • Dutch English
  • Psilocybin (low-high)
  • MDMA/Psiloflora


  • Son
  • Dutch English
  • Psilocybin (low-high)
  • _


  • Noordwijkerhout
  • Dutch English
  • Psilocybin (low-hero)
  • MDMA/LSD/Psiloflora


  • Valkenswaard
  • Dutch English
  • Psilocybin (low-high)
  • MDMA