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Loes trip therapy

About me

My name is Loes. In addition to being a tripsitter/space holder, I work as a Vitalogist and Vitality Coach.

As a vitalologist, I offer organizations practical support on issues surrounding vitality. As a coach, I walk along the coachee's path to support him/her in gaining more clarity and self-insight in order to then be able to make (different) choices.

As a tripsitter/space holder, I offer people like you a safe environment and the right guidance during a psychedelic session and, where applicable, use my knowledge and experience in the field of integral vitality, energy management, brain balance and emotion regulation.

“What if we can use past experiences, our thoughts and emotions as a navigation system to a freer and more vital life in balance? Being able to see through obstructive patterns. Daring to take steps towards change or acceptance. Making room for the voice of the heart. Daring to be ourselves”

A few years ago, past events had an impact on how I felt. But what exactly was this? Entangled in old patterns, I discovered that this was the path to change. I paid more attention to personal development and became more aware of my triggers, beliefs, coping and lifestyle. But also of my talents and qualities.

Newly acquired self-knowledge offered the opportunity to deal with triggers differently and to learn to see through old conditioning and obstructive patterns. It's not easy and I still pay attention to this every day.

Fortunately, there was also room for making other choices and I decided to delve into integral vitality. From the professional field, I experience that there is a great need for a healthy(er) life. This requires new perspectives and connection with ourselves. The good news is that how we feel can be used effectively as a tool. And I, together with my colleagues from trip therapy, are happy to help you further during your process.

Because perhaps you are reading this because you are stuck in old (behavioral) patterns that, like me, you would like to see through, because you want to gain new insights towards your goal, because you want to make room for the next step in your life , because you want to be more free or creative in life. Whatever the reason, our knowledge and guidance are at your disposal so that you can make room for the next step in your process.


My basic knowledge is in the field of work & health with integral vitality as a specialization. How vital we feel depends on many factors and can be approached from various angles, all of which are interrelated. Consider the physical, psychological, social and spiritual perspective.

Our mindset, dealing with emotions (coping and regulation), our body and our own resources can all be used as a navigation system. Using these tools carefully allows you to deal differently with challenges that come your way.

When you are ready to break through the lens of repetitive patterns, see through conditioning and turn inward, you will embark on your personal development journey. During this development journey, my knowledge and experience make it possible to work carefully with psychedelics as a supporting agent.

Psychedelics are not a quick fix but a catalyst on the road to change and/or transformation. They let you experience exactly what you need at that moment. This concerns the process in which good preparation, intentions and integration are an important part.

Are you open to broadening your vision and perspective? Would you like to experience your development journey as an adventure?

*As an accredited Vitalogue (vitality advisor and vitality coach), my knowledge has been supplemented with a number of certifications such as NLP, WELL, Disc & Drijfveren and TMA.

Loes trip therapist
Deep down, everyone knows what is good for him or her. Every now and then we need someone to support us during the process of personal development and transformation.

My approach

The digital intake form forms the basis of the action plan. In preparation for the session, you will receive personal lifestyle advice that is focused on your intention(s). 

As a trip facilitator, I offer guidance before, during and after the psychedelic session and employ an integral vision on vitality. I believe in co-creation and equality and provide a safe setting. 

The beginning of the trip session is similar to talk therapy. In order to properly surrender to the process, I use relaxation exercises and healing music. After taking it, we will communicate less and less and ultimately leave words alone, after all, it is about the experience.  

During the session I will be subtly attentive to you, at a location of your choice, so that you feel at ease. This way you can fully focus on the experience and the valuable insights that bring you closer to your goal or intention. While you sober up, we will carefully start talking again and look together at what your psychedelic experience can mean for you.

My own experience with psychedelics

With curiosity I encountered a number of guided psychedelic sessions. The sessions have contributed to gaining valuable insights into my wishes and intentions. Sometimes after a session I experience confusion, vulnerability and gratitude at the same time. And it is always a matter of figuring out how the insights can be integrated into daily life. I have started to look at my personal development differently and it feels much more like an adventure.

Often what bothers us in daily life wants to teach us something. For example, acceptance or a (development) step is needed, as was the case with me. Psychedelics offered me a new perspective on past events. It enabled me to see through limiting beliefs, break patterns and increase my freedom of choice.

Paying attention to your personal growth is a valuable gift to yourself. Psychedelics can help you with this and work as a catalyst. Everyone undergoes this unique experience and inner journey in his or her own way. It is a transformative process that you can trust.

Loes Trip therapist North Brabant -Loes

Reviews about Loes

Customer reviews often give a better idea of how others experience Loes as a trip leader. If you are interested, read a few reviews to get multiple opinions and get an idea about Loes.

Contact with Loes

Would you like to contact Loes? You can send direct mails to email address or click on the button below to email Loes directly.

Book a session with Loes

Before you book a session with me, it is advisable to first complete the intake so that my colleague can see whether you can undergo a psychedelic session. You can find the intake via the button below.

I work in an area around Eindhoven within the Dutch national borders. I use a maximum travel time for a single journey of 45 minutes. For the sessions at home, I come from my current home town of Son, with travel costs of 50 cents per kilometer driven to and from the zip code. 5691 RK.

The places where I come to your home or hotel or AirBNB include:

Best, Breda, Den Bosch, Deurne, Eindhoven, Helmond, Kaatsheuvel, Nijmegen, Oosterhout, Oss, Tiel, Tilburg, Uden, Valkenswaard, Veghel, Venray and Waalwijk.

Possible sessions with Loes

You can contact me for psilocybin sessions with a medium or high dose. You can participate in this session individually or together with someone else, such as your own partner or someone else you know well. Use the button below to book a session with me or view my availability.

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