The private psychedelic ceremony

Undergoing the psychedelic ceremony with your self-composed group can be a beautiful experience. Before you make a reservation and plans for you and your friends, acquaintances, colleagues or family, it is best to first check whether there are any contraindications. An overview of these contraindications can be found on the intake page.

Make your wishes known

Choose with whom, where and how you want to experience a psychedelic ceremony together. A lot is possible during the private ceremonies. Trip therapy can help organize the ceremony. Because there are many choices to make, it is useful to check for yourself what the answers are to the following questions.


How many people and with whom do you want to go on the adventure? The most ideal group size is six people. We recommend at least one supervisor for every three participants.


What kind of psychedelics is preferred? We can provide advice on, for example, LSD, psilocybin, psiloflora or MDMA. The dosage also plays a role.


Do you want to use our location in Schiedam, for example, or do you choose to rent a house in nature? The use of your own home is also possible. Do you choose a natural environment or does that not matter?


Our location in Schiedam has limited availability due to other bookings. We also need to look at the availability of our supervisors. If you are interested, please indicate your preferred date.


Is there a specific reason to participate? Should the ceremony have a therapeutic or spiritual character? Is it to gain experience or do we want to stimulate creativity? Whatever the reason, we will help you by providing the right preparation.


Contact us and let us know your wishes. Use the contact form and let us know your plans.