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Top 25 reasons to participate in a truffle ceremony

psilocybin ceremony or MDMA ceremony

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Truffle ceremony: discovering yourself

A truffle ceremony is a special experience in which you use psychedelic truffles under the guidance of an experienced guide to make an inner journey to yourself. Truffles are natural products that contain psilocybin, a substance that can alter your consciousness and help you find deep insights, healing and transformation. A truffle ceremony is a safe and respectful way to experience the power of these wonderful mushrooms.

At Triptherapie we offer various options for a truffle ceremony, depending on your situation, purpose and preference. You can choose an individual ceremony, a duo ceremony or a group ceremony. Our counselors are specialized in guiding psychedelic sessions and provide a safe and supportive environment. We also use other techniques that differ per ceremony, such as breathwork, meditation, music, aromatherapy and coaching to make your truffle ceremony as optimal as possible. We also place great emphasis on preparation in the form of personal advice.

Why a truffle ceremony?


Many people choose a truffle session or truffle ceremony at Triptherapie because of the good results achieved in scientific research. The active substance of mushrooms and truffles, psilocybin, is used during these studies and the following themes are relatively frequently researched.


Psilocybin from the truffles can reduce symptoms of depression and improve well-being in people who do not respond or do not respond sufficiently to standard treatment. Psilocybin can also promote neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, meaning it can help the brain make and repair new connections.


Psilocybin can reduce anxiety in people suffering from life-threatening diseases, such as cancer. Psilocybin can also reduce existential anxiety and increase a sense of purpose and connection.


Psilocybin can help you quit smoking, alcohol or other drugs. Psilocybin can increase motivation to change, reduce cravings and strengthen self-control.

Cluster headache

Psilocybin can reduce the frequency and intensity of cluster headaches, a very painful form of headache that is difficult to treat. Psilocybin can also enhance the preventive effect of other medications.

Top 25 reasons not medical in nature

In addition to the medical reasons for using psychedelics such as truffles, our customers also participate in a truffle ceremony. Of course, everyone has their own mix of intentions and objectives. Things that we often hear in addition to the scientifically researched themes are one or more of these 25 reasons below:

  1. To get to know yourself better and discover your true potential.
  2. To experience the connection with oneself, others and nature.
  3. To increase creativity, intuition and inspiration.
  4. To reduce stress, anxiety, depression and negative thoughts.
  5. To release old patterns, blockages and traumas.
  6. Increase self-love, self-confidence and self-acceptance.
  7. A new perspective on life and possibilities.
  8. To have a spiritual experience and get in touch with the universe.
  9. To open the heart and give and receive more love.
  10. To sharpen the senses and see more beauty in the world.
  11. To purify the body and improve health.
  12. Balancing the emotions and feeling more joy.
  13. Expand consciousness and gain more wisdom.
  14. Healing the inner child and experiencing more playfulness.
  15. Integrating the shadow sides and feeling more whole.
  16. Finding your life purpose and giving more direction to life.
  17. Hearing the inner guide and relying more on intuition.
  18. Making the dreams come true and taking more action.
  19. Express gratitude and have more appreciation for what is there.
  20. Learning to set boundaries and have more respect for yourself and others.
  21. Discovering your passion and having more fun in your activities/work.
  22. Becoming authentic and more true to yourself.
  23. Seeing the growth opportunities and taking on more challenges.
  24. Supporting a recent transformation process and welcoming more changes.
  25. Out of curiosity about a truffle ceremony and effects on life.
Truffle ceremony

The truffle ceremony is not for everyone

It is important to understand that a truffle ceremony is not suitable for everyone. People who suffer from certain medical conditions or mental disorders, such as anxiety or schizophrenia, can have very negative and traumatic experiences during a truffle ceremony. It is therefore wise to complete an intake form so that we can assess whether you are suitable to participate. Completing the intake helps us create a safe and structured environment for all participants and we base the personal preparation on the intake. It is important to understand the potential risks and take precautions, which starts with completing the intake form.

Agenda truffle ceremonies

Various ceremonies

An overview of the different dates for both the truffle ceremonies as the MDMA ceremonies can be found here. The Truffle ceremonies are listed in our system as a psilocybin ceremony. During the psilocybin ceremony you can choose to go for the magic truffles or for the combination with passion flower, which is called psiloflora. A completely different ceremony is the MDMA ceremony. More information about the different ceremonies can be found via the pages below.

Truffle ceremony

Psychedelic Loft Schiedam
550 Max. 6 participants
  • July 27, 2024
  • August 24, 2024
  • September 7, 2024

MDMA Group Session

Psychedelic Loft Schiedam
650 Max. 5 participants
  • June 22, 2024
  • July 6, 2024
  • August 3, 2024