The truffle ceremony

A truffle ceremony is a psychedelic ceremony using psilocybin-containing truffles. Psilocybin is a substance that affects the serotonin receptors in the brain and can therefore cause an altered state of consciousness. During a truffle ceremony you can take a journey to your subconscious, where you can gain new insights, remove emotional blockages or process traumas. A truffle ceremony can also be used for spiritual growth, creativity or relaxation.

Why choose Trip Therapy?

Trip therapy specializes in guiding individual and group sessions with psilocybin, MDMA and LSD variants. We offer more than just a truffle ceremony such as a personal preparation, where we look at your nutrition, exercise, sleep and neurochemistry. We give you advice on how to optimize your body and mind for the best psychedelic experience. We also use aromatherapy, color therapy, music and NLP to enrich and deepen the truffle ceremony. Triptherapie has a team of experienced and professional trip leaders who can help you achieve your goals during the trip truffle ceremony. We have helped over 2000 clients with their transformative psychedelic sessions.

How does a truffle ceremony work at Triptherapie?

If you are interested in a truffle ceremony at Triptherapie, you can follow the following steps:

  • Complete the intake on our website without obligation. Here you can indicate what you want to achieve with the truffle ceremony, what your background is and whether you have any medical or psychological conditions.
  • After assessing the intake, you will receive advice for a psychedelic and dosage. You can choose from different types of truffles and psiloflora (a mix of passion flower and truffles). The dosage is tailored to your wishes and sensitivity.
  • Plan a date for the truffle ceremony via the reservation system. You can choose whether you want to do the truffle ceremony at your own location or at the location in Schiedam. You can also choose whether you want to do the truffle ceremony individually or with a self-composed group. You can also participate in an open group session, where you meet other people who are interested in psychedelics.
  • After booking you will receive personal advice in preparation for the truffle ceremony. It contains tips on how to improve your diet, exercise, sleep and neurochemistry for the best results. You will also receive viewing, reading and listening tips to mentally prepare yourself for the truffle ceremony.
  • On the day of the truffle ceremony you will be accompanied by the trip leader of your choice. The trip leader provides a safe and comfortable setting, using aromatherapy, color therapy and music to optimize the experience. The trip leader also helps you to work on the preset goals and to integrate the insights you gain.
  • After the truffle ceremony there is time to discuss the trip. In many cases, there is an extra moment a few days after a psychedelic ceremony to discuss the experience by telephone.

What are the benefits of truffle ceremonies?

Truffle ceremonies can have various benefits for your mental and physical health, depending on your intention, dosage and guidance. Some possible benefits include:

  • Creativity: Truffles can help you think out-of-the-box and find new solutions to problems or challenges. 
  • Spirituality: Truffles can give you a sense of connection and meaning. Many users report that during a truffle ceremony experience a spiritual discovery or awakening.
  • Therapy: Truffles can help you remove emotional blockages, process traumas or break negative patterns. Psilocybin can promote brain neuroplasticity and reduce default mode network activity, making you more open to change.
  • Health: Truffles can make your body and mind healthier if you combine this with healthy food, exercise and sleep. Neurochemistry can also improve. Psilocybin can also have an anti-inflammatory effect and lower blood pressure through anxiety reduction.

How can you register for a truffle ceremony at Triptherapie?

If you are interested in a truffle ceremony at Triptherapie, the intake can be completed. We will inform you by email whether you can participate in a truffle ceremony with us.