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What an MDMA therapist does during an MDMA session

MDMA therapist

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What role does the MDMA therapist play?

An MDMA therapist plays a crucial role during an MDMA session, integrating the use of MDMA into a therapeutic context. Here are some key aspects of what an MDMA therapist does during such a session:

Preparation and screening

  • During registration, it is checked whether the customer is suitable for MDMA therapy. This includes checking medications, medical history and any contraindications. This is done by a permanent employee.
  • Personal advice in preparation for the session is given to the customer.
  • The therapist discusses the client's expectations, intentions and goals before the MDMA session.

The MDMA session

  • The therapist remains with the client throughout the entire session. The therapist supports the client emotionally and helps where necessary.
  • The MDMA therapist sometimes emphasizes that the client can focus on inner experiences, emotions and thoughts that arise.
  • If fear or tension arises, the therapist helps the patient to deal with this and feel safe again.
  • If applicable, some exposure therapy is performed.

The integration

  • Immediately after the session, the MDMA therapist helps the client process the experience. This may mean talking together about what happened, expressing feelings and sharing insights.
  • The therapist helps the patient to integrate the lessons and insights learned into their daily life. This help can take place a few days to weeks after the MDMA session
  • After a period of three to four weeks, we will discuss together whether an additional MDMA session could be useful.

MDMA therapist in action

Ronald did an MDMA session for VTM Go and this broadcast can already be viewed via this Belgian platform. Here you can see a part of the broadcast about MDMA therapy in the Netherlands.

We can see Ronald in action as an MDMA therapist, where he has helped Camille to turn inward and deal with her fears.

View the full message about MDMA therapy with Camille Vanuxem for VTM GO via the button below.

Ronald as an MDMA therapist

Ronald, our MDMA therapist, has had experience with MDMA since 1990 and combines his work as a therapist with the experience he has gained. More information and the number of customers Ronald has helped can be found via the infographic below. 

Year of birth
Years of experience
Truffle session North Brabant - Ronald

Ronald Hochstenbach

Category: Therapist
Languages: Dutch English German
Sessions €875 : MDMA/Psilocybin
Duo 1400: MDMA/Psilocybin

To reduce the workload for me, I prefer not to drive more than 45 minutes each way from my home address in the Eindhoven region. And I like to drive outside rush hours. I will then work with you to determine the most suitable starting time for the session. In general my work area is the following:

North Brabant: region Eindhoven, Tilburg, Den Bosch
Limburg: region Roermond, Weert

The travel costs charged are 50 cents per km driven to and from zip code 5554 SH.

Our other MDMA therapists

In addition to Ronald, we have other therapists who can work with MDMA analogues or psilocybin. Via the button you can find an overview showing the level of experience and education. We call those who are trained therapists therapists and those who are not trained therapists or psychologists we call guides.