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New Revu: Tripping as therapy

New review inv

Interview about MDMA therapy by the Nieuwe Revu

Nieuwe revu image -Nieuwe Revu: Tripping as therapy

At the request of the Nieuwe Revu, we participated in an interview about psychedelic sessions. We cooperated because Triptherapie is the first provider of MDMA sessions in the Netherlands. The interview should mainly be about the MDMA sessions that we offer, what the customers' reasons are and what results these sessions produce. We would also have the opportunity to talk about the different forms of trip therapy and explain our working method.

The article in the Nieuwe Revu is called 'Tripping as therapy' and is available in stores this week (week 11).

Below is only a portion of the article. The online version will be released later and we will share the link to the online article later.

Marcel and Linda contributed to this article. You can read more about Marcel and Linda via the links below.

A piece of the article

Millennials with climate anxiety, lonely young people, people over 70 with obsessive-compulsive disorders or anxiety, burnout cases, people with PTSD or mood swings, or just people
without obvious complaints, but looking for 'something new' or 'spiritual enrichment'. Marcel and Linda see a mixed crowd every week. 'Nine out of ten
people feel helped by us. New insights, self-knowledge and less trouble with their complaints are the most frequently heard experiences.' Linda: 'We make such beautiful things here. A man who had been disgusted with his body all his life only realized during his trip that he was abused as a little boy and that he is actually homosexual. A gigantic revelation. After just one session, the man was able to really get on with his life. How beautiful is that?' The beautiful stories seem endless. 'Some people cry for the first time in their lives. Others want to go straight back to their family, to tell them how much they love them. Some people need an arm around their shoulder, a hug, to be comforted or to feel security. We set clear boundaries in advance about the degree of interaction between the client and us.' They also do group sessions. 'Some people enjoy undergoing such a new, and for some quite exciting, experience together with others,' says Marcel. 'For the other person it is very private and intimate.'

Other media attention

We have previously collaborated on podcasts, news articles and interviews. We do this because we believe it is important that psychedelic therapy becomes better known and mainstream. See the older articles below, etc.