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The nomenclature for psychedelic sessions

Because the names and searches for psychedelic therapy are not very clear for those wanting to book a psychedelic session, we have created several pages explaining these terms. In the Netherlands, psilocybin, truffle and mushroom are often confused in colloquial speech and it often concerns the legal truffle (therapy/session/ceremony). Here is a list of the most searched terms from associated pages.

PsychedelicPsychedelic ceremonyPsychedelic TherapyPsychedelic session
MDMAMDMA ceremonyMDMA therapyMDMA session
LSDLSD therapyLSD session
PsilofloraPsiloflora ceremony
PsilohuascaPsilohuasca ceremony
PsilocybinPsilocybin ceremonyPsilocybin therapyPsilocybin session
TruffleTruffle ceremonyTruffle therapyTruffle session
mushroomMushroom ceremony